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School Uniforms Improves Student Discipline and Motivation Fairleana Taylor AED/200 July 3, 2011 Kimberly Jackson School Uniforms Improves Student Discipline and Motivation Today there is talk about schools changing their dress codes to have a district wide school uniform policy. The big topic of discussion is whether or not the uniforms will improve discipline and motivation in students. There are pros and cons to a uniform policy in the schools, but in the end we need to think about our children on this issue. When considering uniforms we need to think about our children's learning environment and their motivation to learn at school. Uniforms take distractions out of the classroom, and they allow the teachers and students to focus on their studies. Let us look at the pros of school uniforms and how they help with the discipline and motivation of students. It has been noted that uniforms have taken away from the distractions of clothing issues in the classroom. Parents and teachers agree that many distractions in the classroom come from the clothing that the students wear to school. Some of the types of clothing that can cause distractions are baggy jeans, low rise jeans, large trench coats, low cut tops, and many other clothing issues out there today. Student rivalry is a big issue in schools today. They fight over where the clothes came from, what brand name they are, and how they look in their clothing. When students are wearing uniforms to school it puts a stop to this type of behavior. This helps keep a more structured environment inside the classroom. In schools today there seems to be a bigger problem of gang violence, and killings among the student body. When uniforms are worn inside the schools this helps cut down on the gang violence, and the weapons brought into the school. Duvall et al. (2004) stated, "In recent years, schools across the

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