School Snitch Program

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School snitch program Are you willing to end a friendship? I’m not. People are losing their friends every day because of the school snitch program. The school snitch program is a program that pays students for snitching on students bullying, doing drugs, or using weapons. This program would be a bad idea because with all the money we would be paying students with we could actually buy school supplies. Another reason why this is a bad idea is because students should not be getting paid for doing the right thing. Lastly, students could put weapons or drugs into someone’s locker and snitch on them. To begin, saving money on school is better than paying students for snitching because we could get more school supplies. Instead of kids getting video games, candy, ECT. We could get ink for printers, printer paper, printers, and writing utensils. We have had many fundraisers here at VMMS. For example, last month we had half court shots. Our students raised $800. All the money we made went towards our vets day t-shirts and activities. Paying students for snitching would mean losing all these fun activities. Also students being paid for doing the right thing is a bad idea. Students should be doing the right thing willingly. If we got paid to do the right thing, it would cause more tension in the school. This would happen because kids would be snitching about every little thing that happened. 8 out of 10 kids are against this idea. Every day kids would only think to go to school to snitch. This leads me to my next reason why the school snitch program is a bad idea. Lastly, kids could want money so much that they would just put weapons or drugs in someone else’s locker and snitch. Although there are cameras, someone could dress up in black and sneak something in someone’s locker. This program will trigger more fights. The entire world is bullying and this will just make

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