School Shootings Essay

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Shootings in American Schools Introduction In April 1999, two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked and killed 12 of their Columbine High school classmates. Since that eventful occasion that shocked the world, cases of school shootings have happened with higher regularity. Since 2000 for instance, there have been over 50 critical school shootings in the U. S as observed by (Hawdon, Oksanen, Rasanen & He, 2012). The office of the Governor (2007) noted that to put the problem of targeted school-based strikes into perspective, from 1993 to 1997, the possibilities that a child between the ages of 9-12 would be confronted or injured with a tool in class were 7 to 8 %. The possibility of getting into a physical fight in class was 15 %. In 1998, learners between the ages of 9-12 were the victims of 1.6 thousand robberies and 1.2 thousand nonfatal aggressive criminal offenses, while, in this same period, 60 school-associated aggressive fatalities were revealed for these student inhabitants (Safe School Initiative, 2004). Discussion Researchers have given no particular reason why school shootings occur, and no one type of student becomes a serial gun shooter. This paper dispels the misconceptions and generalizations about school attackers, who have been perceived to be from minority ethnic communities as observed by the (U.S. Secret Service, 2002). Children who strike can be any age and from any cultural group, race, or close relatives situation. Contrary to presumptions that some of the youth intending to attack just do it at a snap, it has been established that they do not. Instead, they conduct well-targeted attacks of school shootings. Targeted assault describes a situation where an attacker identifies a particular school to be attacked prior to the actual act of assault. The results clearly highlight the importance of being attentive and paying

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