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Research Paper School Shootings Thesis Statement: School shootings are usually caused by family violence or even because of mental disorders; these cases are most common in the United States where generally the kid finishes killing himself too. A school shooting is defined as gun violence inside an institution, or school. These devastating events occur, unfortunately all around the world, mainly in the United States. They are usually caused by family violence or even mental disorders. School shootings include: the shooter and the victims. There are many causes for these shootings to occur, for example: “revenge, bullying in schools, they simply do not value life, physical abuse at home by parents or any other member of the family, mental problems, they drink or use drugs, and because they are afraid of their own safety.” (Why Do Shootings Occur?) Researchers think that another reason for school shootings is related to American culture, beliefs of masculinity, and power or control. Children definitely does not have the complete fault, the shooters only have been part of it because parents should be attentive where they keep their guns, if they are within the reach of children or if the know about it. “Parents should take care about their children, teach them what is good and bad, or what they should do or not; increase their esteem and show them the value of life.” (School Shootings: How to Empower Against Guns) And before these cases happen they should teach their children need to react in these circumstances or emergencies. Researchers have concluded some “symptoms”, or clues, of school shootings; these are not always helpful because school shooters are not always having the same plans and there’s any profile of them. 1. Attackers talk about their plans. They usually talk about their life,

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