School Safety Essay

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School is supposed to be a sanctuary where kids of all ages make memories and friendships. Unfortunately over the last fifteen years there have been extreme acts of violence in the school world, with the most recent being the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school. There has been numerous debates on whether examining the social history of students or having a technology based security system is more beneficial to a school’s safety. In order to ensure s completely safe environment, both social and technological strategies are crucial. Social background checks can be an essential key to keeping schools safe from danger. Kids with troubled or complicated history never seem to get noticed or receive the attention they really need. Although people with mental problems can indeed live productive lives (Document B), it would still be a good idea to closely monitor them or give them counseling where needed. It’s better to be safe instead of sorry, especially when the subject is safety. Also, a kid’s behavior can foreshadow any desires of violence they might be having. With all of the violent and crime-filled video games and movies out there, kids are often exposed. According to an online article, warning signs of violence include obsessions with weapons or evident grade drops (Document F). Kids who seem isolated or depressed are the ones to be concerned about. The feeling of emptiness or being alone can end up driving someone to go insane. Technology is also a key component in keeping school grounds safe from crime. With the level technology is in today, it can easily be a safety booster. More often than not, violence occurs in crowded places such as cafeterias and hallways. Instalments of surveillance cameras in these areas could provide any warnings of possible hazard (Document F). Cameras can determine any signs of bullying, theft, or
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