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Goal: I aspire to influence and support dad to reach the goal of jogging with me no later than may 20th, 2012. I believe that completing this goal will help my dad get into more physical activities and loose the weight he’s been complaining about  Reflections: (worth 20 points) How did you feel at first about the idea of trying to influence someone else in a positive way? I felt good about myself that I’m actually helping someone Describe the person you chose to influence and why you chose to influence this person. I chose my dad because he always tells me he needs to loose some weight and be more physically active. Describe how you supported this person in reaching his or her goal. I provided him with positive messages letting him know he can reach his goal and that when he finally reaches it he will feel accomplished and good about himself. Describe the challenges or obstacles you faced as you tried to influence this person. I faced challenges such as getting him to continue the jog Did this experience have a positive or negative effect on the physical fitness behaviors of the person you supported? Please explain your answer. Negative because he told himself he couldn’t do it. Fitness Test Comparison: (worth 20 points) Repeat the mile run test from the Getting Started lesson. Compare your original mile run test result with your current mile run test result. Write out your original score and status, along with your current score and status. Did your results improve? Why or why not? It did improve because ive been jogging for awhile and im able to breath easier and go jogging for a longer period of time Date Warm-Up Physical Activity Intensity (Light, Medium, or High) Cool-Down Minutes 5/21/2012 Walking Jogging Medium Quadriceps, hamstring, and calf stretches 40 5/22/12 stretch Jog medium walking 50 5/23/12 walk

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