School Is Necessary Essay

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Jorge A. Cerros Period 8 2/1/14 Stay in school you’ll benefit from it. Consider being a person with little education, you would most likely not have a job or anything to do. Go to school its important! School is very necessary nowadays as many people mention. School is necessary because we learn social skills, it teaches responsibility, and we also need a good education to get good well-paying jobs. One of the reasons why school is necessary is because it helps us develop better social skills for interacting with people we know and people we don’t know. Social skills are very important in today’s world because we have to know how to interact with people. In school we learn social skills by talking to people, but no just the same people, also to different people. Social skills also come in handy when trying to get a job. Another reason why school is necessary is because it teaches us responsibility. Responsibility is a very important characteristic to have. We learn this in school by having to do homework, projects, etc. Anyone can do them but the catch is to turn them in on time with everything on them. This helps us develop responsibility because we have to do the work and turn it in on time. Getting back to jobs, they actually look for people who are responsible and can do their work right and on time. Responsibility shows people that you have the capacity to do what you’ve been told. When you’re responsible more people trust you. Finally one of the main reasons school is necessary is because we need a good education to get a good well-paying job. School gives basic knowledge of Math, Science, and English, which are 3 very important subjects to know. Nowadays to get a job you need at least a high school diploma or a GED. Really well-paying jobs require education after high school too. So if you want a really good job you have to get really good education.

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