School Is Bad for Children

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In “School Is Bad for Children”, John Holt notes the failure of modern education. He claims that most children are more intellectually inclined on the first day of school than at any other time during the educational process. Holt points out that children do not learn own their own anymore, that learning is done passively for them. He says that children proposer the grammar of language on their own by exploring and experiment it. He also says that learning is separate from living and in other ways, he learns that he is abandoned and unfaithful. He describe that children are skillful learner but “learns that to be wrong, uncertain, confused, is a crime.” The only thing that’s important is what the system wants and think is important. So the students learn not to ask any questions and is given no chances, he soon accepts the adults stereo type of him. He also says “the schools think only they can teach him, and many that are more complicated than the ones they do try to teach him.” They learned various strategies to get the right answers out of the teacher “prying the answers out of the teacher.” Holt express that children are to ignore the other students and to focus only on the teacher. Another part of this essay by Holt he states that children learn from school how to shut their brains off which eventually will lead them to using drugs. Then Holt suggest to abolish mandatory school attendance since that would help children to not be forced to attend school but only if they want to. Furthermore, he provides many strategies to secure the school problems such as: bringing the children out into the real world by removing them from school,
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