School Grading Essay

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The main purpose of Highschool is to educate people, and to teach them the skills they will need to be successful in their careers and in everyday life. Grades are used to show how well, or how weak a student is doing in a particular subject. However, do grades help or hurt the student? Now days, some professors do not give students exams during the semester. Basically, students get graded on how well they do on the final exam. The problem here is since the students were not tested on the subject material before the final exam, there is a chance that the student will not receive a good grade. Grades can be helpful since they reflect how a student is doing in the course. Therefore, grading system can be beneficial for college students. Moreover, they work hard to achieve a high grade point average (GPA). If college students were not receiving grades, most of them would not do their assignments as much. So what would push students do their work? Why would students study for tests if it is not going to make any difference for them? If students are getting graded on their work, students will work hard and try their best to get good grades. Along with that, students will pay more attention in class so that they can get better grades. For example, if students are getting graded for attendance, students will attend more classes, which would help them learn more. If college students were not graded, they would slack off on their assignments and tests because it just would not matter whether students did their work or not. Students could work on their homework for five hours and do an extremely good job on it, and there would not be that A+ to be proud of. Therefore, without a grading system students would eventually start slacking more and more off his/her homework. Another way grading system can be beneficial for college students is that it influence students to

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