School Day Should Not Be Longer

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The bell rings to tell the students school is out for the day. Now just imagine that being one hour later. Our school day should not be made an hour longer for various reasons like: we would have no free time, be exhausted, and participation would decrease in after school activities. First off, we would have less time to just relax and do what we want to do such as, watching T.V., talking on the phone, getting on the computer, and listening to music. After trying to get all of our homework done, we would not have time to just hang around. This would result in more stressed out students. Who wants that? Our family time would also decrease if we stayed at school longer. We wouldn’t be able to do those things that families do together like, watching television shows, eating dinner, and playing games. School shouldn’t take away from our time at home anymore than it does now. Next, it would make us exhausted. When we get home from school we usually are tired and adding an extra hour of school in our schedule would just make that worse. If we are tired we are less likely to do our homework and study for tests, resulting in a decline of grades. Paying attention in class would also be harder for us if we are tired. Tiredness due to an extra hour of school could have a huge effect on our grades. Last, we could not do as many after school activities and school activities could suffer from it. It would mean we would get home a lot later from sports practices or games. This would make kids tired and slack on their homework, but it also might mean not as many parents let their children participate in school sports. This would hurt the school because it might mean they have to do away with sports and other after school activities. So making school an hour later would result in less free time for students, tired students, and a decrease in after-school activities. With so
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