School Counseling Essay

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SCHOOL COUNSELLING ABSTRACT Guidance and counselling is aimed at helping individuals understand themselves and their environment so that they can function effectively in the society. It is aimed at helping individuals overcome their problems. The students in Nigeria do not seem to have been exposed to proper and professional guidance and counselling, hence, his or her focus is limited as far as his personality is concerned. This paper examines the need for the counselling in Nigeria schools. The objectives and strategies of Counselling in schools have been lucidly spelt out. INTRODUCTION Basic Concept 'Counselling' Counselling is a process through which an individual who needs help is assisted by a professionally prepared individual so that he can be helped to make necessary adjustments to life, and to his environment. It is a process whereby an individual is helped through a relationship with a professionally prepared person to voluntarily change his behaviour, clarify his attitudes and goals so that his problems could be solved. Because Guidance and Counselling cannot be separated, this write-up also explains guidance alongside with counselling. To that effect: Guidance is a process whereby an individual is helped to understand himself in all ramifications, so that he can effectively utilize his potentialities or talents. Counselling is done in two ways; a. Individual counselling b. Group counselling. In individual counselling, there is a one-to-one relationship between the client and the counsellor. In group counselling, the counsellor is involved with a group of counselees( i.e. the people who receive the counselling service). In addition, counselling may be preventive and curative. The Guidance/Counsellor believes in the individuality of people. To him every individual is a unique special person, who is capable of developing his
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