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School Bullying and the effects Minnie O. Davis Introduction School bullying is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. When we were asked to write a paper on this subject, thoughts of my childhood came into play. Growing up as an overweight child was not the least bit fun. Even back in the early eighties kids were picking on me about my weight. To say the least, my middle school years were not at all happy times. Therefore, bullying in my opinion can cause a lot of undue stress and pain to a young person. In saying all that, it was my pleasure to get the opportunity to sit down and interview a phenomenal high school teacher by the name of Marcus Hall. Mr. Hall has been an educator for fifteen years and his Masters degree is in Psychology. Interviewing Mr. Hall gave me an entirely new perspective on school bullying. As you will see he had great depth and insight as it pertains to the current state of school bullying. Interview Mr. Hall was very open and charismatic of how he answered all of my interview questions. Most of my questions were open-ended and straight forward but yet deep enough for you to get the point. Mr. Hall agreed to meet me at the local library in one of the conference rooms. We talked about forty-five minutes to an hour about school bullying. In contrast I used the data from my personal interview with Mr. Hall to compare my own research. The entire purpose of my questions was to get an uncut view of what an current educator had to say about the state of bullying in our local school systems. Before we started the interview, I made it very clear to Mr. Hall that it was not necessary for him to sugar coat his answers. If he felt a certain type of way about his school or the current state of bullying it would be appreciated if he gave it to me raw. Mr. Hall was very direct and passionate about this subject because he too wants to

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