School Bullying Essay

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School bullying In today’s society there are many problems with school bullying. I will go over some problems and solutions that are connected with bullying. As children are going to school to start their education they are coming across other children being mean and hateful towards them for no reason. This is making learning, having social time with friends, and even time at home with their parents and siblings difficult. Why is this occurring more and more at school? This isn’t just school age students. It starts in grade school and continues even through adulthood. There is also a lot of cyber bullying going on more and more because most kids have internet access these days, not like it was in the traditional days where it was hard for a child or even an adult to have access to the internet .There is so much technology that children have access to today and kids of all ages are using the internet to access websites where potential bullying can occur like Facebook, Twitter, and chat rooms .But as years progress these random acts of cyber bullying are becoming more popular and violent towards its victims causing some of its victims to commit suicide, or causing harmful acts to other students ,employees and school staff .There are so many long term side effects that follow bullying and there are some that parents are not even aware of. One problem that needs to be addressed about bullying is the mental side effects it has on the victims. Another concern is why is the bully being a bully, and my last issue is how it effects the lives of the families who are involved. The mental side effects it has on the victims can lead to a lot of issues like depression, a decline in grades and participation in the classroom, anxieties about going to school, suicidal thoughts, retaliation towards their bully which could result in them bringing weapons to school where

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