School Bullying Essay

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Running head: SCHOOL BULLYING 1 School Bullying Paper Laura Tucker COUN 611 Liberty University In embarking on this interview, I was eager to meet with the teacher and hear her perspective on this controversial topic that’s taking over schools. This interview set the foundation and got the teacher familiar with me as the counselor. It gave a quick look of “where do we go from here” and what the client learned from their experience. The interview took place on January 21, 2013 at 2:30 pm. Our designated meeting place was Starbucks in Dallas, TX. This teacher was found through my previous school. I told the teacher that I am also a professional counseling major in a master’s program taking a child & family counseling course and would like to have her agreed to a counseling interview, she said yes. We made our introductions acknowledging our commentary on the latest fashion icons, upcoming staff developments and previous guest speakers then; I quickly transitioned into the counseling session. Secondly, I told Mrs. Hastings that I was a graduate counseling student at Liberty University and that I was doing this as a requirement for my child and family counseling class. I made it clear that if she wanted her identity kept private I could accommodate that; but only my class and the professor would read the information and there would be no identifiers. She was fine with her name being given. Tonia seemed very receptive to the counseling interview, and was hoping the session would help bring awareness to the school systems, mostly positive than negative. I told her about the voluntary nature of the interview and at anytime if she wanted to discontinue the interview we could, if she decided to continue or not, it would not affect her relationship with me or with the university. I told her if she

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