School Bribe Essay

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“School Bride” The key to the success of today's bride is not only the driving and the ability to dress, but also of household chores. We have decided to open a modern and unique service in Kazakhstan, "the school of brides. We will render services in training of young girls to housekeeping conducting. There are, among our services, cooking, faster and better cleaning and economical consumption of food and utilities, family budgeting. Also there will be employment on psychology, education of the child, etiquette, a foreign language, dances, music and other disciplines will be given. Training will be conducted by highly qualified specialists in all the above sectors. The building of school for brides to be located in the downtown area. Over time, we plan to create a network of schools for brides all over the city and country for the convenience and comfort to our clients. Our schools will be equipped with modern facilities, computer labs with Internet access and sports facilities. Classes will be conducted in groups or individually depending on the desires of our customers. Schedule will also be set with ease for future brides. The school offers young girls a cosy coffee shop design, where after carrying out the training and classes, they can relax and share with each other new experiences and lessons learned. We will create the most welcoming and relaxed atmosphere within the walls of our training centre, with friendly staff and a high level of security. Moreover, it’s important to note that our centre offers free secure parking. Targeted group of our services are girls aged between the 18 to 30
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