School Board Observation

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The first governmental observations I ascertained were at the Dry Creek School Board meeting in which the board members discussed issues of funding, employment, English as a second language, and the building process of the new school. The second location I obtained observation hours was at the placer county peer court. I sat in as a jury member for a case in which the defendant admitted to petty theft. While at the Dry Creek board meeting I witnessed the process in which discussions were held, and decisions made. The way in which people addressed the board was not far from the way a person would address the justices of the Supreme Court, and neither was the process in which the board came to a decision. From their discussions I learned that the funding for education given by the state has been at its lowest in 20 years, the process in which to climb from such a decrease is slowly but surely coming together. This relates to the system of checks and balances we see in our federal government, that in order for something to work it has to be based on not one part of the system but the whole system. The funding problem only gets worse however, for budget is also based on the number of students. With the increase of schools and housing being built there is a decline in families which need these things. This is basically the domino effect. How ever things do look up. The recent building of a new school shows that even a school can be good for the environment. Going green is what they reffered it to, the process in which the school was created used recycled materials. Making use of…show more content…
But the government we currently have, democracy is a large leap from the past in which there was no freedom, none truly. And thought it is very aggravating at times, our country is the best to live in, even if some of the people here have still yet to accept everyone as
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