School Based Intervention Essay

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School based interventions are extremely vast as social workers are servicing an array of students. There are many restrictions to developing and implementing school based interventions. A student’s success is dependent on multiple factors and as social workers a majority of the job is facilitating between the different factors. For example, when implementing a behavior plan, it must be approved by several adults involved in the student’s life. The teacher needs to be able to apply the behavioral intervention plan while trying to attend to her other students. The parents need to agree with the plan and the goal of the intervention. If the student receives special services, the plan must not impede the services. The social worker must facilitate between the student’s needs and what is required from the school. When choosing the most appropriate interventions, the student’s multifaceted school day is heavily taken into account. Especially noting that social workers are limited in the amount of time they are able to spend with an individual child or group. “Implementing scientifically based research is a complex process, especially when trying to match research to school wide, class wide, and individual needs consistent with a response to intervention (RtI) practice framework” (Sabatino). Interventions are a team effort and need to be treated as such for a child to be successful. The frequency of children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has become higher and higher. As of 2013, “the most recent studies estimate the prevalence of ASD to be one in every 88 children living in the United States and rates are increasing”(Goldin, 2013). Autism can be extremely hard to detect due to its immense symptoms that are oftentimes diagnosed as another disorder. Children with ASD suffer from an array of neurodevelopmental problems resulting in issues with social

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