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Unit tittle: Schools as organisations. Unit number: TDA 3.2. Understanding the purpose of school policies and procedures. 5.1 Explain why schools have policies and procedures. All organizations need rules and regulations to make the organization survive. Without having polices or procedures in a school there would be no guidelines for staff, governors and parents to follow. Policies are intended to provide a framework that ensures consistent principles are applied to practice across a school. They are not intended to detail every conceivable event that might be applied within the policy framework. Parents may want to see polices on safeguarding, pastoral care, teaching and learning and behaviour before deciding whether to send their child to that particular school. Also prospective candidates for staffing roles may want to view the polices and procedures for staff and safeguarding before accepting a job in the school. The school polices are an agreement between parents, staff, governors and volunteers with the school rules which they all need to follow up. 5.2 Summarise the policies and procedures schools may have. All policies and procedures are long but need to be read, polices are in place to help an educational environment run more smoothly. There is a policy for all aspects of the school. In this unit I am going to summarise some of the most important policies. In the staffing policy the key features 5.3 Evaluate how school policies and procedures may be developed and communicated. Educational policies and procedures need to be reviewed on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the changes within the school establishment and government legislation. Senior members of staff will gather together in a meeting to discuss what needs amending and updating within the policies and procedures. A senior member of staff will then draft the new

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