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School uniforms should be mandatory School uniforms have been a requirement in most schools. In addition, it has been proven that school uniforms are a key asset. They help decrease segregation between students and they make them look in a more unified image. School Uniforms have Helped to remove the barrier that indivisuals created between rich and poor it aslo helped create a sense of disciplne , it also helped encouraging a sense of discipline in students. Schools uniforms should be mandatory in all schools. School uniforms have a positive influence on school environments. Students who attend schools that require uniforms develop a better understanding as themselves as representative of an institution. They are also better acclimatized to their commonalities rather than their differences. Uniforms have a positive impact on school environments by promoting the idea of a universal student body that is of like mind when it comes to education. School uniforms unite all students under one logo, which makes them represent themselves equally. When the students wear their uniforms, they both represent themselves and their school. According to uniforms, they help lead students to a more successful environment, since they all share common uniforms. When students wear uniforms, they feel more professional and behave accordingly. School is for learning, not self-expression. And self expression doesn't come from what you wear on the outside anyway. School Uniforms are expensive and they mortify student’s freedoms. Parents and students spend less money on non-uniform items. Many people cannot afford uniforms because they can be overpriced and some items can be unnecessary and of little use. In addition, uniforms limit a student’s freedom in expressing their own idea and style. Students will feel unique if they wear their own clothes whereas
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