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1. Distinguish between operant conditioning, observational learning, and social learning. How are these different kinds of learning utilized in the work place? Give specific examples for each one. There are different ways a person can take in information; observational learning, operant conditioning and classical conditioning. Observational learning is just what it sounds like, a learning condition based on watching a model perform a behavior (p. 151). Another way is called operant conditioning, which is the learning of voluntary behavior through the effects of pleasant and unpleasant consequences to responses. (p 131) Lastly, Classical conditioning, learning to make an involuntary response to a stimulus other than the original, natural stimulus that normally produces the reflex.(p. 123) Alike, they are all conditions of learning. But separately, they create their own processes to which the mind processes and retains information then creates the reaction or memory. These different kinds of learning are used daily, everywhere, without being aware they are being used; In a work place for example. Once you begin a new job there is a training process where you work alongside a trainer that shows you how to perform your daily duties. In this process we use observational learning, by repeatedly watching the trainer and eventually do what we see them do. We can also learn by operant conditioning. In a factory, all together the employees have a high number of productions with no errors; they get rewarded with a day off for working so hard. On the other hand, if production is low; the consequences are to have to work overtime hours to produce a certain amount of product to reach the month's goal. As a teacher, students may already feel dread when seeing a random piece of paper placed on their desks because that's how pop quizzes get handed out; classical

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