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The group that I have chosen is the African Americans, I choose them because I think that they have come a long way and made it through horrible times and they never gave up the fight to be where they are today. Some of the experiences that they have been though is one slavery. Slavery started back in 1619 and was imported to Jamestown. The meaning of slavery is where people were treated as if they were a piece of property and they were bought and sold and were also forced to work. As salves that had what was called the slave code. The slave code was a bunch of rules that they had to follow. For example some of them are: slaves were not able to marry or even meet any blacks that were free, they were not even able to marry other slaves, they were not allowed to even sell or buy anything unless it was a special arrangement, they also were not able to how to read a book or learn how to write, and they were not able to testify in court unless it was against another slave. By the 1700 there were 25,000 slaves, they were forces to work and many of the slaves were raped and other horrible things. This went on for many many years it did not end until 1861 a hundred years later, when Abraham Lincoln signed Emancipation Proclamation. This went on for many years it did not end until 1861 a hundred years later. But the fight was not over yet; they still had a whole more fighting to go. There was still discrimination and hate crimes against
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