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Kierkegaard's stages of life Kierkegaard had three stages of life, which he called it “existence spheres!” He wrote a book called “Stages on Life’s Way” as a continuation of his masterpiece Either/Or. His work called “Either/Or” was written about aesthetic and ethical realm and continued on with his new book “Stages on Life’s Way” talking about religious realms. The first section describes in details in “somewhat flowery terms a dinner party, whose attendees are shown to be representative of various types of aesthete.” This section is describing aesthetics. The second section in the book describes in the beginning with the “party’ s interruption by the nearby passing, and stopping, of a carriage containing one Judge William and his wife.” This section describes ethical. In the third and last section, the description is different the first two section because a previously unknown narrator discovered a manuscript under curious circumstances. The last one section describes religious. After I finish getting information about this book, I realized it was talking more about religious. I went and asked my friends what they think of the three stages of life and we what they had to offer me. One of my friends discussed with me and said the first two stages are characterized by a distinct set of beliefs. I went on and asked one of my friends which he told me that the book was interesting, and he sees that you cannot move smoothly through all three stages. They had interesting points and they helped me understand the three stages

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