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Scholarship Essay 29 April 2010 As a young girl, I struggled with a congenital knee issue. I had knee surgery at age five and again at age fifteen. After each surgery, I was instructed to attend sessions of physical therapy where I did repetitious exercises to regain strength and mobility in my knee and leg. I did not dread the surgeries as much as I dreaded the sessions of physical therapy. However, it was not until after the second surgery and the second cycle of physical therapy that I realized the benefit and importance of physical therapy on my life. Today, after two surgeries, I am able to participate in almost all of the activities that I love due to the success of rehabilitation exercises. I believe it was my positive experience with physical therapy that led to my interest and passion for physical therapy as a career. And so my educational goals and career goals center around the health sciences, working hard to earn my undergraduate degree in kinesiology with a pre-professional track and hoping eventually to apply, matriculate, and earn my graduate degree in physical therapy. I hope my educational and career goals also satisfy my personal goals of becoming a successful individual with strong morals and goals, hoping to work with people and work in the field that helped me. As a student, I am strong-willed and hard-working. I am proud of the grades I have earned and the things I have accomplished thus far, especially in a difficult major such as kinesiology. Yet, I struggle to think of how I will ever pay off the debt I will accrue in undergraduate and graduate school. Thanks greatly to the financial support of my parents, I have the opportunity to further my education and achieve my educational goals. I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead of me, all of which may enable me to become stronger and wiser, both as a student and as an

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