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August 25, 2014 The Ministry of Education Scholarship and Education Loans Division Scholarships Division Shirley Street To Whom It May Concern: I have been accepted as one of the 2014-2015 Ministry of Education Scholarship recipients. Thank you very much for this great award which is needed to assist with defraying the cost of my college tuition. In mid-August, I began to lose hopes for the scholarship, which led me to make arrangements locally, until I received word of acceptance from you. Late August 2014, I received word of my acceptance by way of a phone call to my grandmother. Because of the timing of my award, I have decided to remain at home and defer attendance to the Universities of Florida or Florida A & M University to the fall semester 2015. My decision to defer attendance to university abroad is due to a number of reasons which include the following: 1. Uncertain that I was going to receive the scholarship from the Ministry of Education. 2. I am awaiting a Florida grade assessment which is a major requirement for the University of Florida, which is dubbed the number one university for Pharmaceutical degrees, and my number one choice of university. 3. Awaiting the newly applied for acceptance letter from Florida A & M University which comes highly recommended. 4. Both the University of Florida and Florida A & M University admit students into the PhamD program in the fall semester and in the case of the University of Florida they also admit students into the summer terms only. I would greatly appreciate it if you would accept my request for deferral of attendance to university abroad from fall 2014 to fall 2015. I have enclosed documentation from the University of Florida and Florida A & M University websites to show proof that admissions is only accepted for the fall semester (and in one case the summer

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