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Scholar; a student. Scholar of the month: That whom distinguishes from others through leadership, academic, and social affairs. A balanced man. Many can claim to have perfect GPA’s but few are able to maintain a balanced life. To the ancient Greeks the optimal student was the balanced man with a sound body and mind. To be scholar of the month is to demonstrate capacity to not only deal with school but also through devastating hardships and overcoming them. Leaderships roles, social interaction, sports, and ultimately academics are the essential ingredients one must hold to be called the scholar of the month. Many have had rocks on their way throughout life, but others experience hardships that mark them for life. These life obstacles makes strong people, others break them. Having witnessed my own brother, my own blood, attempting to commit suicide gave me years of trauma. He led a not so good of a life which affected all of our family. Bringing in friends and watching him get “high” was just too much for me to coup with. At that point my life was to take a stand and decide which road to take. The road that would break me or that which would make me. I told myself that after going through all this experiences I would strive myself to succeed and demolish any obstacles on my way, for I knew that running towards them would be the only way to run by past them. Having seen my brother recuperate from such horrific trance of his life I decided to beseech on myself that I would learn from his mistakes and take my life to the optimal level. I would not bring more pain to my family. This experience has been my stone-base for my life and failing myself or my loved ones is not an option. I chose the road less taken and that made all the difference. Being able to conduce a balanced life has been a challenge to many, to others a personal goal. Leadership positions

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