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Critical Analysis of the History and Treatment of Schizophrenia in Modern Psychology In the field of modern psychology and in American society at large schizophrenia remains a largely misunderstood mental illness since its first mention in the DSM-I under the classification of “schizophrenic reactions” (Tartakovsky, 2010). Schizophrenia, as with many mental disorders and illnesses, remains somewhat of a taboo subject in today’s culture. For that reason, it is vitally important to understand the diagnosis, along with its history, prevalence, causes, treatment and impact. Today, the DSM-V has six main criteria for diagnosis including characteristic according to Tandon et al. (2013). These criteria include the following: A. At least two…show more content…
For instance, in a case study by Shonin, Van Gordon, & Griffiths (2013) a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and meditation were used over the course of 20 weeks in order to treat a patient with schizophrenia and pathological gambling. The treatment consisted of 50-90 minute sessions in two stages: the first being CBT and the second being meditation. At the end of the 20 week treatment, significant improvement was shown in the patient's schizophrenia and gambling symptoms (Shonin, Van Gordon & Griffiths, 2013). References Bresnahan, M., Begg, M., Brown, A., Schaefer, C., Sohler, N., Insel, B., Vehla, L., & Susser, E. (2007). Race and risk of schizophrenia in a US birth cohort: Another example of health disparity? International Journal of Epidemiology, 36, 751-758. Cannon, T., Rosso, I., Hollister, M., Bearden, C., Sanchez, E., & Hadley, T. (2000). Schizophrenia Bulletin 26 (2), 351-366. Castle, D., & Murray, R. (1993). The epidemiology of late-onset schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin 19 (4),…show more content…
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