Schizophrenia Essay

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The mind could possibly be the most important part of the body in order for it to function. The brain acts as a control house filled with sensation and emotion with the body being the instrument that it communicates through. Unfortunately, there is a slue of diseases that can warp the mind to cause the person extreme distress. Schizophrenia has propelled itself as one of the most widely know severe mental disorders, but often is misunderstood by the common public. It is important that people have a good understanding of the disease because there are many persons with schizophrenia that have no idea that its taking hold (Bondor). Schizophrenia holds a huge weight over a person mentally and has the power to be able to take over the person’s mind. Although it is significantly difficult to diagnose, there are many symptoms that can depict the development of schizophrenia. The symptoms are broken up into 2 groups: positive and negative. The positive symptoms are those that show an “excess or distortion of normal functions” (Schizophrenia). Experiencing hallucinations, creating self delusions, and also not speaking clearly are considered to be the positive symptoms (Schizophrenia). The negative symptoms are those that result in a lessening of personality. Showing less emotion, speaking less, and also losing ambition for “goal-directed behaviors” can be considered negative symptoms (Schizophrenia). In a blog named “Living With Schizophrenia,” written by a woman named Theresa, the blog recounts the part of her life while developing schizophrenia. She claimed that as the disease was developing, she “believed [she] was a powerful shaman, clairvoyant and an empath with magical abilities”. Although this thinking occurs mostly in severe cases of schizophrenia, those affected often do see themselves in a heightened view of themselves compared to the general society.

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