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The movie Schindler’s List touched me in many ways. I didn’t realize the extent of the horror that the Jews faced. The thought that someone could come and just barge in to my house and take all my belongings scares me. I now feel more sympathy than ever for the Jews who had to suffer through this horrible ordeal. When we think of the name Steven Spielberg we instantly think “action packed film”, after all he is the creator of such films as Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Arc. However most movie critics will agree that Spielberg’s most action packed film is one that retells the story of Oskar Schindler. In the movie Schindler’s List Spielberg takes us inside the soul of a man who made a choice, a man who valued humanity more then greed. It is remarkable how man is fascinated with the idea of free will and just what exactly drives us to make the choices we do. The counterpoint between Oskar Schindler's greed and Oskar Schindler's kindness cannot be overemphasized, for greed and kindness are two of the basic natural factors that motivate human action and that are basically opposite to each other. The fact that we cannot tell when Schindler decided why he should save those lives matters only a little, the fact that he decided at all, tells us what we need to know. Oskar Schindler, a tower of a man with a natural sense of showmanship and an incredible talent for networking and friend making, two skills that allowed him not only to survive in Germany during the war but also to become a savior to many without being caught. Oskar Schindler saw that the Jewish people needed his help and he gave that to them. In the movie it showed that six million men, women and children were killed because one man wanted it that way and had the charisma and the power to facilitate the massacre. It would be comforting to think that the Nazis were possessed by demons and devils, but they were

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