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Schindler’s List is a film that was made in 1993 and was director by Steven Spielberg. This film is about a German Nazi officer, Oskar Schindler, who helps save many Jews from death during the holocaust in World War 2. Schindler is the hero of this film because he devotes his life to saving people that his own people hate. The thing that makes this film the best was how Spielberg set up the film. One way Spielberg made this film the best of its time was through the theme of the film. I believe that the theme of this film was stand up in what you believe in, no matter what other people think. This theme fits this film because Schindler was the only German officer that would stand up for the Jews when they where getting beaten or being mistreated. Spielberg shows that not every German officer was the crude and stuck up person, instead some were there helping and saving people. One other thing that Spielberg used to make this film the best of its time was making the film in black and white. This worked because the lack of color gave more meaning of the film, it felt like you were there and you felt the pain the characters felt. Even though the film was almost all black and white there was some color in the film that had a lot of meaning. One time in the film there was a little girl who was wearing a red jacket and she was running confused from the Nazi soldiers. I believe Spielberg did this because he wanted the viewer to pay attention to that important person and moment. Then at the end where it has all of the real holocaust survivors, that Schindler saved, putting stones on his grave stone. This shows that they came a long way from where they were as children and the survivors went out of their way to show respect to Schindler. Another thing that Spielberg does is that he uses score to get the viewers into the film. Without score then the viewers would just get

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