Schindler's List Book Report

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Schindler’s List is a novel narrated by Thomas Keneally and is portrayed by a true story. Keneally does a great job telling Schindler’s story on what happened during WWII. Herr Oskar Schindler is the protagonist in the whole story. His Charisma plays a major part of the story. Amon Goeth is a main character to the story and acts as Schindler’s friend. Goeth acts as the antagonist in the story as he would get suspicious of Schindler. The story would mostly take place in Krakow, Poland. The setting takes place in the 1940’s and during World War II which is hardly talked about in the whole story. Schindler’s story of saving more than 1,000 does not start as a mission at first to Schindler. The prologue is about what Schindler does in Goeth’s home. The prologue takes place in autumn in 1943. The prologue was a great way to set up the mood to the reader. The prologue would mostly have fitted in the middle of the book as it was when Schindler and Goeth were friends. The prologue was a great way to introduce Schindler’s charisma when he helped the servant, Helen. Helen is Goeth’s Jewish servant who would frequently get abused. Schindler speaks out to her and tells her that Goeth would never kill her because he would have done it already. What Schindler had done was very inspirational and that is why Keneally used it as prologue, to show Schindler’s charisma. Schindler wanted to be a professional motorcycle racer. He didn’t really enjoy so he quit and married a farmer’s daughter, Emilie. Emilie visits Schindler rarely but at the end stay with Schindler to help him manage his own work camp. Schindler finds out about the concentration camps before they were created but that does not affect him. His first act to save Jews was when partners up with a Jewish banker, Itzhak Stern. Stern was a serious man and would not take jokes. Keneally never did talk about Stern’s family

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