Schindler’s List and Life Is Beautiful

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The films Schindler’s List and Life is Beautiful both portray horrific events in our history. Each movie depicts the mistreatment of Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust. Life is Beautiful starts off with a man who falls in love with women and having a child before the Nazis invaded. Schindler’s List starts off with a business man trying to be wealthy and using the Jews to get little to free labor after his county has already had been invaded. The sacrifices of the main characters are evident in both movies. Schindler’s List, which is based on a real person, starts off with a business man wanting to become richer after the Holocaust already started and using Jews as labors. He climbs the ladder of success on the back of the Jews and makes friends in high places. Mr. Schindler then sees for himself the cruel mistreatment of Jews after mass murders of Jews. He changes! Mr. Schindler now sacrifices all his wealth and friends to save all the Jews he can. Life is beautiful is not based on any one person. Guido the main character and his son are sent to a concentration camp. Guido is unable to tell his young son what is going on. He tells him they are going to a special summer camp, and turns a horrific event into a game. In the game, the person with 1,000 points wins a real tank. While Guido works as a day laborer, he hides his son and gives him points. Guido ends up sacrificing himself to save his own son. At the price of the fathers own life, Guido fights for his son. His son believes that everything that is happening is only a game and the prize is on the way, “Whoever saves one life saves the world.” This is true in both movies. There is a triumph of the human spirt during this oppressive time. Life is Beautiful, which a comedy, starts off with Guido finding his love, getting married, and having a son. Their lives are ripped

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