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Schein, Edgar H. (1991). Process Consultation. Volume 1. Its Role in Organization Development. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley. PP. 1-115. PROCESS CONSULTATION Volume I Its Role in Organization Development Edgar H. Schein Part I ------ Process Consultation Defined In this part the basic concept of process consultation is defined and compared to other major consultation concepts. It is emphasized that process consultation is a kind of philosophy about and attitude toward the process of helping individuals, groups, and organizations. It is not merely a set of techniques to be compared to and contrasted with other techniques. Process consultation underlies the broader concept of organization development and is the key philosophical underpinning to organization development in that most of what the consultant does in helping organizations is based on the assumptions of process consultation. Understanding such assumptions is therefore critical to understanding the broader concept of organization development. 1 What Is Process Consultation? ______ This book is about a special kind of consultation that I am calling process consultation (PC). I will describe what it is and what role it plays in organization development (OD). In focusing on process consultation I will be looking at one of the key activities that go on at the beginning of (and throughout) any OD effort. OD is typically defined as a planned organization wide kind of program, but its component parts are usually activities that the consultant carries out with individuals or groups, and the attitudes with which these activities are carried out reflect the assumptions that underlie PC. This volume will focus on these kinds of activities and, therefore, will deal primarily with interpersonal and group events. More important than the focus of such activities, however,

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