Scheduler System Baby Thesis Essay

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Chapter 1 Introduction Subject scheduling is considered to be an integral part of an educational institution. Students and lecturers within one school term needed their schedules fixed accordingly for them to establish a good studying experience with each other. Also, subject scheduling plays a vital role in controlling the flow of timetable that the students will follow during a given term. It acts as a traffic enforcer so that students won’t have contradicting or opposing subject schedules and it help in maximizing the use of school facilities and rooms everyday while avoiding conflict of schedules. Many academic institutions are leveraging Automated or Integrated Scheduler System to manage their classroom schedules. Why? Because it is very easy to automatically schedule a class and locate the exact classroom you need based on class size with their preferred teachers, the equipment required or other needs. This integrated scheduler system allows the students to schedule a session with their preferred lecturer at their preferred time. The calendar of his preferred lecturer is available to the student showing his availability clearly. Student can schedule a session by a single click of the mouse. Currently, Informatics College Manila is still relying on a traditional scheduler system. The school’s subjects and schedules are being made and scheduled manually by an individual. The process is indeed a little laborious since it requires a lot of time, testing and revisions. Scheduling process can now be easily managed through the use of an automated or integrated scheduler system. It can accommodate schedules and information from students and lecturers and asses their availability. It will lessen the hassles and errors that a manual scheduler system creates during enrollment. A. Background of the Study The study which is fundamentally aimed at

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