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Learner Name_________Heidi underhill_____________________________________ Unit – SHC31 Unit | Learning outcome(s) | Assessment criteria | Questions | SHC31 | 1 | 1.1 | Identify the different reasons people communicate. | Communication I very important in order for me to know the needs my service users, and other members of staff on a daily basis to ensure effective team working. People communicate for different reasons , *To build and maintain relationships. *To express emotions . *To gain and share information ideas and experience’s | | 1 | 1.2 | Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. | communication is important as it insures that information is clear, concise, accurate, non-judge mental and informative, as this reduces the possibility of mistakes been made and insuring appropriate care service delivery. If communication is poor or weak, my service users will not like or trust me to undertake any tasks they need or reqire, relationhips between care workers/service users can detareate. | | 2 | 2.2 | Describe 3 factors to consider when promoting effective communication. | there a few factors to concider with promiting good and effictive communication such as. Disabilities: Disabilities such as hearing loss, impaired vision, mobility problems or speech impairment can affect the effective communication. Proper communication method should be known and pre-aware of before communicating the people with disability or different health issues. Cultural Differences: Communication differences can result from differences in culture. In some cultures, children are not allowed to speak in front of adult and some kind of body gesture, eye contact, facial expression and touch are inappropriate. Environment: Environment is one of the most important factor to

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