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SCH 31 PROMOTE COMMUNICATION INHEALTH, SOCIAL CARE OR CHILDRENS AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S SETTING. 1. Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting. 2. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. Communication is a vital role of any setting as you will use it in every area. You use it to form relationships with your work colleagues it helps you become a team member with sharing ideas, asking questions, concerns and praise. It also helps build a respectful and trusting relationship, it helps everyone know what is expected, what they are to do, doing and understand what is happening and been said. To form relationships with parents, carers and children. If the children see a good flow of communication between staff and parent/ carer it helps them settle easier and provides them with a good role models in communication skills. There may be times when you need to communicate with other persons e.g. health visitors, visitors of interest (fire, police, vets etc...) teachers and other agencies. So knowing the appropriate manner in which to communicate is useful for example coming down to the child’s height to talk to them instead of standing over them. 1. BE ABLE TO MEET THE COMMUNICATION AND LARGE NEEDS, WISHES AND PREFERENCES OD INDIVIDUALS. 1. Meeting an individual’s needs, wishes and preferences in communication. |METHOD OF COMMUNICATION |REASON FOR COMMUNICATION |WHY THE INDIVIDUAL MAY PREFER THIS METHOD | |Verbal |Obtaining information |Shows an interest and may have reading | | | |difficulties |

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