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3. What are your personal results after taking the Career Decision Making Difficulties Questionnaire (CDDQ)? Note: Once you are at the CDDQ launch page, you can opt to take either the CDDQ or the CDDC (Coping with Career Decision-Making Difficulties). 4. What is the purpose of the Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential (MAPP)? 5. Find the website that will take you to the Occupation Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find the Occupational employment projections to 2022 link. What are the anticipated fastest growing fields? 6. What is the purpose of America’s CareerInfoNet? 7. According to CareerInfoNet, what are the top five fastest growing occupations for persons with a bachelor’s degree? (Hint: Start with the Occupation Information links) 8. Using (NCDA has a link), what is the base salary range for a licensed professional counselor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Part II: Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) Scavenger Hunt The purpose of Part II of this assignment is to learn how to use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to gather relevant labor market information that would be commonly solicited from career counseling clients. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, available online through the Department of Labor (, is a comprehensive source of career information that is often used by career counselors. The OOH, which is updated every 2 years, provides detailed information on hundreds of careers. You will use this information to answer questions from the 5 scenarios presented below. Use the information from the OOH to find the answers presented in the following scenarios: **Answer these questions using complete sentences. Provide justification for your answer when requested. Scenario 1: A client, who has recently lost his job as an automobile dealer, is interested in exploring other career opportunities

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