Scarlet Letter Good Vs Evil

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When you think of evil what comes to your mind? Do you think of a murder or rapist? Maybe you think of a person who robs banks, or someone who just goes around hurting people. When we look at evil, we sometimes just see the physical effect of one’s actions. But have you ever thought of an evil doer to be just someone who messes with your thoughts and emotions? Most of us would answer no, but by reading the Scarlet Letter we see a truly evil man. His name is Chillingworth. He is an example of how one can be truly dastardly without physically harming somebody personally. From the beginning of the story we sense that Hawthorne emphasizes the deformed man in the crowd. His depiction of this man makes you think that this particular character is…show more content…
Dimmesdale begins to wake up during the night and walks to the scaffold and almost pretends to confess, but all is in vain as no one is there to gaze upon him and see his sin. People are not gathered around judging Dimmesdale on his sin or critiquing his character as there was at Hester’s scaffold. He stands there at night and screams, but no one hears him; it’s the only thing that he can do to in some way ease his ongoing pain and suffering(Novels for Students, Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale). Later on we see Dimmesdale meet up with Hester in the forest. As they talk, it seems a load off the minister’s shoulder as in the moments he is constantly worried about his sin. Dimmesdale, at the point of a mental breakdown, questions Hester about the true identity of sir Chillingworth, but she must stay silent agreeing to her previous pact in early on. Hester, now worried about the state of her lover, talks to Chillingworth and says how she is going to reveal him to Dimmesdale he becomes very frustrated because he still seeks more pain and anguish out of Dimmesdale(James Pearl, Literature Resource Center, “An overview of The Scarlet Letter). In his search for the most gruesome vengeance towards Dimmesdale he realizes he must push the minister harder toward confession. Hester then reveals Chillingworth’s identity to Dimmesdale him gaining this new found knowledge they plan to get on a boat and leave for England and start over brand new where they can build their family and escape guilt(Hawthorne 125). Chillingworth not yet giving up finds about this in order to make Dimmesdale feel completely helpless books a ride on the same boat as a physician; this causes Dimmesdale to feel his
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