Scarlet Letter Character Analysis

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Scarlet letter long for Characterization A. The majority of the characters are round characters and these include Dimmesdale, a protagonist, Hester, the main protagonist, and Chillingworth, the antagonist whereas Pearl is a flat character. Dimmesdale is a round character because we see him from the very beginning as young minister who is somewhat ill and as the story progresses and his guilt consumes him and his health continues to decline. He also develops self-destructive habits, such as the time he starts giving himself beatings, staying awake for days and depriving himself of food. In contrast, Hester is a young, beautiful and passionate human being in the beginning of the novel but by the end she is a soft spoken woman, who hides her hair in a cap and devotes more energy into thought rather than passion. Chillingworth, the antagonist, undergoes a very drastic transformation. In beginning he is simply a betrayed old man with revenge on his mind. However, and chapter by chapter vengeance never leaves the brain and Chillingworth becomes a devilish figure that he himself hardly recognizes. Pearl on the other hand is a flat character. From beginning to end Pearl has elf-like mannerisms and a sense of gaiety and freedom about her and she is always feisty. She lives her life one day at a time and remains innocent and pure throughout the novel and even later into her life according to the final chapter. The characters are believable because they accurately display human emotion. For example, Hester and Dimmesdale fell in love and committed adultery. Even after many years had passed they still love each other unconditionally. Hester’s character is especially believable because, even though this story takes place in Colonial England, she takes on the role of a modern day single mother; she stays strong for Pearl by hiding her internal struggles with her shame as
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