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In the Scarlet Letter, by Nathanael Hawthorne, on Chapter IV, Hester Prynne and Roger Chillingworth’s behavior towards one another is manifested to reveal that they have a very tense and morbid relationship. The reader can observe what traits and behavior is being conveyed based on the conversations from Hester and Chillingworth of said chapter. We learn through Hawthorne, and the dialogue he set for Chapter IV, is that about Hester’s past, for the most part; is unknown. She is a strong-willed and haughty woman whose actions are done with passion (as seen when she was standing in the scaffold in the beginning of the story). However, she seems to get intimidated by Chillingworth during their conversation. Her sudden change of personality gives the reader an insight on how intimidating Chillingworth really is to Hester, and possibly others. Also through dialogue, Hawthorne reveals that Chillingworth is a very ominous man, and that is very determined to find out who the man was that committed the adultery with Hester. While Hester radiates passion and impetuousness, none of these traits are portrayed when she is sharing dialogue with Chillingworth. First, focusing on Chillingworth’s personality with Hester, the way he carries out his dialogue is like suppressed anger sugar-coated in a concocted dose of cold-blooded placidity. From the story, “”Foolish woman!” said the physician, half coldly, half soothingly. “ Through this quote, Hawthorne is able to show that Chillingworth is trying to keep his composure while looking at his wife that is holding a baby in his arms that is not his own. The amount of anger Chillingworth has towards Hester and the father of the infant is egregious, and is shown by the quote said. This emphasizes how Chillingworth’s traits and personality are exposed in this chapter, mainly because of the marital connection between Hester and himself,

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