Scarlet Letter Analysis

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The sunshine separates Pearl from all distractions by fleeing with her away from society’s chaos, which pulls her away from her mother’s bosom, creating a balance of freedom. The disorder of society forces the sunshine to pull innocent Pearl away from the chaos confining her in negativity. The general public criticizes Pearl for her sinful nature of where she was created. For example, during a conversation at Governor Bellingham’s house, he argues, “without question, she is equally in the dark as to her soul, its present depravity, and future destiny! Methinks, gentlemen, we need inquire no further” (103). Pearl, for being an open child, is condemned by the gentlemen harshly. This indicates that she must be rescued, or she will live with this torment throughout her childhood. These individuals, trapped among their judgment give reason for the sunshine to help her escape. The sunshine boldly tries to bind her from coming in contact with the obnoxious society. For example, while in the forest, Pearl’s father, Arthur Dimmesdale asks, “Or is she an elfish spirit, who, as the legends of our childhood taught us, is forbidden to cross a running stream?” (188). During this incident, Pearl was trapped underneath a sunbeam before attempting to cross the brook, which explains the sunshine trying to hold Pearl back. This sense of protection allows the chaos to regain social order. Society’s disarray cannot imprison her for worse, but enable the escape with her friend, the beloved sunshine; therefore she is guided away to a path of a newly fixed childhood. Because the scarlet letter placed upon Hester’s bosom presents uneasiness to the sunshine, a sense of guidance entices the sunbeam to take Pearl into its own hands. Pearl is drawn greatly toward the scarlet object, and the sunshine nearly loses hope, although protects Pearl in the end. For instance, while

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