Scarlet Letter

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Wonders of the Scarlet Letter Have you ever thought what could happen to your spouse if they ever cheated on you? Or even have someone else’s baby instead of yours? Well in the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne all of the above happens in this one book. In the next few paragraphs, I will be talking about the Scarlet “A”, the mysterious baby Pearl, and the wonderful cheater herself, Hester Prynne. The first thing on the list to talk about is the Scarlet “A”. The scarlet A can stand for anything, “A is the locus of indefinite and infinite expansion of meaning”- from Nina Baym’s the Scarlet letter in the Scarlet Letter. From a different point of view the letter “A” cannot just stand for one word. Baym thought it meant many things such as “able, authority, act, apart” or even “alone”. Which can be true, but in other places it cannot be true. The Novel Scarlet Letter only points out one thing on what the letter “A” means. But if you never read the book before and someone asked you to guess you would have variety of chooses, because you never read the story. The only thing the book mainly stays on is what the “A” really mean, Adultery. After the Scarlet A, secondly to talk about is Hester’s baby, Pearl. Pearl can symbolize what happens to someone when you cheat on their souse. Pearl is the child who you look at and remember all of your mistakes you have made while your husband/wife was away on a business trip. “Hawthorne seems to bring two opposites together, Pearl, as a younger, virginal version of her mother, neutralizes the threat Hester initially posed”- Pearl James “An overview of the Scarlet letter” page 3. Pearl can also symbolize the shame upon her mother to repay and make her suffer everyday to remind what she has done with the wrong person. You should never cheat on anyone, it does not matter what the situation is. Always be loyal, and that is what

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