Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter What did Hester feel while standing in the podium? What she felt was probably a lot bigger and more shameful that what we felt but we got a small taste of what she did and felt because we were able to show to our classmates a side of us that wasn’t shown or that most of them didn’t know. This was helpful because we were able to relief some weight from our shoulders and fell better with our selves. In my part no one asked me anything about the letter, or why I was wearing it. People just stared a t me in a weird way, like wanting to ask but they couldn’t. The only ones that asked me were my classmates and my roomies, so I had to tell them why I had a scarlet “I” glued on to my shirt. Having this “I” was more than just an assignment because by wearing it people were able to know something about me, that “I” meant indecisive. For me this is a really bad thing because I have left down many good chances in life because I wasn’t able to take the right choice. I remember that once I had the chance to get a job, but I didn’t accept it because I wouldn’t be able to go to my hometown as often as I would like. Now I regret that because at this time I would have a car and many things that I wish, but thanks to not taking it I now regret. It might seem stupid, but by telling people your things and seeing that they actually care and pay attention to you is pretty cool because you feel like the sun shines on you again, and you’re a better person than before. It’s like a small step taken to become a better person and little by little reveal each scarlet letter to the world like the minister did in front of everyone to clean the dirty soul that we carry with

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