Scarlet Ibis Defense Paper

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Juror, I am here as a defense attorney to speak on the behalf for Brother (aged twelve), on the account of the death of William Armstrong, otherwise known to family and friends as Doodle (aged six). We are all aware of the multiple health problems that William faced daily, which contributed greatly in his death. It is a tragedy to see such a young, vibrant boy die in such a painful way. Mr. William was not murdered, and Brother did not kill him. His death was an accident, and truthfully, it was a miracle that he lived to six years of age. His weak heart could have given up many times, yet he persevered through and was able to live through the struggles, and he was a happy young boy. Yet all he wanted was to be freed from the cage of his heath problems (inferred from page 390, in Doodle’s lies). When the accident occurred, there was a thunderstorm coming. Brother’s pride had just been cracked (page 394), and the rain was coming. When Brother began to run there was something that happened and something said that could be put against me, or for me, “The faster I walked, the faster he walked, so I began to run. The rain was coming in, and suddenly a tree in front of us split like a Roman candle,” (Page 394). Brother was angry that his pride was snapped, and ran toward his home. He left William behind him, even though William was screaming for him not to. Brother however, did not cause his death, for William had a Myocardial Rupture. “He was sitting on the ground, his face buried in his arms, which were resting on his drawn-up knees. "Let's go, Doodle," I said. He didn't answer, so I placed my hand on his forehead and lifted his head. Limply, he fell backwards onto the earth. He had been bleeding from the mouth, and his neck and the front of his shirt were stained a brilliant red. Doodle! Doodle! I cried, shaking him, but there was no answer but the ropy rain.

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