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Nursing Faculty Shortage I find the nursing faculty shortage has contributed to the shortage of health care professionals in the workforce. After freshman year in college there was less faculty available to educate the future nurses related to many challenges, such as funding, and an aging population. This is an important issue in the 21st century that needs to be addressed. If not addressed, a decrease in faculty available to provide education for the increase demand’s for nurses will continue to impact the nursing shortage which will impact patient care as well. As nurses continue to age, it limits the amount of Bachelorette prepared and advanced practice nurses available in academic health systems. There is an increase in the number of applicants qualified to enter into nursing programs but a scarce number of faculty to run the classroom and clinical sites (Allen, 2008). Influences The Causes that relate to the nursing faculty shortage is a combination of many factors, including marginal salaries, advanced age, nursing faculty workload, decreased salary versus clinical staff with the same degree, and an aging society that will need continued health care services. These influences are becoming a huge factor within the health care system at a time when health care demands are growing and more nurses are retiring. According to The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation (2012), “over half of registered nurses intend to retire between 2011 and 2020, a large portion of whom are nurse managers.” The Significance According to Allen L (2008), “if hospitals were able to increase their nursing staff and hours of nursing care per patient, it would save more than 6,700 people and roughly four million days of inpatient care.” The nursing and faculty shortages negatively affect patient care and can contribute to errors in care (The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012).
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