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Scarborough Fair – Song Information The song Scarborough Fair was written based on a fair that occurred annually during the medieval times. It took place in the town of Scarborough, on the coast of England. It ran each year for 45 days, starting August 15th. It was a charter granted by King Henry in 1253. It attracted traders, merchants, and entertainers from all over the country, and from countries such as Norway, Denmark, and the Byzantine Empire. It was known as a massive public event where people would gather to celebrate economic success at the ports. Today, the fair no longer exists, and the town is a simple, quiet place with a bundle of rich history. The speaker of the song is usually a young man, asking his lover to complete a series of impossible tasks, such as making a shirt without a seam. If the woman is able to finish all the things he asks for, he will take her back. In some versions of the song, it is a duet, where the woman responds by saying she will make him the shirt if he in return, would perform a series of tasks that she then lists out. The herbs in the lyrics are listed because during the medieval days, herbs were a symbol of strength, which is what the speaker needed in order to complete the impossible tasks. Parsley meant comfort, sage stood for strength, rosemary was love, and thyme was a symbol of courage. Some people also believed that the list of herbs also alluded to the black plague that began to spread during that time period, which then separated lovers and families from each other. Although the true composer of the song is actually unknown, there have been many versions of the song written since the time it was created. It is considered an English folksong, and has been passed down for so many generations that the original lyrics and notes have been modified in various ways. The version I’m working on was arranged by

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