Scaramouche Jones Analysis

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Scaramouche Scene- A backstage dressing-room area of an old circus tent. A table, a chair a mirror, a candlestick and a candle, a suitcase and a sea chest. SFX of circus noises play as the stage lights rise. Enter from upstage centre, Scaramouche- an ancient clown, with all the usual attire- white face, red nose, wig, large shoes, suit, white gloves ect. Scaramouche: God, what a day! What a day! Good crowd, quite a good crowd, not bad for a swansong. Bah! Bloody parents these days…’neurotic’ that’s what they are…fear and delight what’s wrong with that. Ha-ha wicked old clown come to steal your children like the Pied Piper…ha! Steal away (sings) steal away, steal away, steal away to… (Breaks off.) Bit tired. Rest here a bit first. (He makes his way to the chair and sits down heavily. Glances at Newspaper) Ach! The Bloody jugglers been in here again, trespassing on me crossword, filling it in all wrong. What’s this? Seven across five letters: ‘A hundred and fifty possess comic performer’. Let’s see, let’s see, C,C, that’s Latin too, isn’t it C- a hundred, a hundred and fifty, fifty L-CL, possess- own, CL- own, clone, CLOWN!! Might have bloody well known. Comic performer? Slowly, balefully, he eyes the audience. Allow me to introduce myself: Scaramouche Jones, esquire-Clown… Englishman. Tonight is the last night of my life, the thirty-first December, Anno Domini One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-nine. The very arse-end of the twentieth century- Millennium Eve. I was born at midnight, December thirty-first Eighteen ninety-nine as the 19th century gave way to the infant squalling of the 20th. As a million clocks strike midnight up and down this land, and as champagne bottles burst and ejaculate their foaming incontinence, I shall lay down my long life and weary body precisely one hundred years old. He strikes a match with a flourish and lights the

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