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Barcode Scanner Market Research Project The market size for barcode scanners had increased by 12% in 2010 and 10% in 2011 because of the wide selections of brands with various types of scanners. The types of scanners that companies chose from vary from pen scanners, stationary scanners, truck mounts, handheld scanners, and handheld computers. Bar code scanners took the first leap into the market world around 1948, when Bernard Silver started to work on creating automated scanners. First idea was to use patterns of ink that would glow under ultraviolet light, and Silver, along with his friend, built a device to test the concept. Silver’s friend and co-worker, Woodland, came up with the linear bar code using elements from two established technologies: movie soundtracks and Morse code. There has also been a rise in imager scanners along with 2D and 3D scanner for cell phones. Various types of barcode scanners are applied within different industries depending on their needs. The top used barcode scanners are pen scanners, handheld, truck mounts, and stationary scanners. The usage of a pen scanner is easily used by hand to transport handwritten texts from a paper to a digital written text. Handheld scanners are mostly used in department stores and supermarkets to ensure a better way of decreasing clutters of cords. Truck mounts are precisely used in large department stores in order to reach barcodes from far distances that is directly operated from a vehicle. Stationary scanners are mounted into one place where items are moved next to in order to scan the barcode. This type of scanner is primarily used in stores where people check out their items. Each barcode scanner company attracts different types of markets depending on their needs. Competitors in the barcode scanner market compete for businesses in which there will be a large purchase of scanners. Barcode

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