Scandal Summary

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TV Show Summary In Scandal’s episode, “Sweet Baby” Shonda Rhimes emphasizes the importance of self-reputation over individuality. Through the character of the newest client of Olivia Pope & Associates, 27-year-old decorated war hero, Sully St. James encounters the battle between what matters to him the most and how others portray him when he stumbles into the office of Olivia Pope distraught explaining that he didn't kill his girlfriend. He claims to be innocent, but is in desperate need of help from Olivia Pope and Associate to clear his name from the strong evidence pointing towards him. The Olivia Pope associates agree to take on the case under one condition-“do not lie.” Even though he is asked for the truth, he still holds out on them. The “gladiators in suits” catch on to the lies of James when he repeatedly states, “she was my best friend” when asked to explain the occurrences on his ongoing relationship. Even with this, Olivia Pope goes on to “trust her gut” and believes in his innocence. She can only continue the investigation by delaying the arrest of James. Olivia seeks the help of the Assistant U.S Attorney, David Rosen, to grant her twenty-four hours before he arrests or charges James in order to prove his innocence. She acquires this by threatening Rosen by bringing reporters out into his home and questioning why he is persecuting an “innocent, handicapped, metal of honor winner.” This continues to add to the initial portrayal of James as a conservative republican. As time proceeds the Pope Associates crack under the pressure of time and lack the necessary evidence. Rosen let Olivia know that time is simply out unless an alibi is declared. Fortunately there is one. A street surveillance camera captured James well accompanied during the exact time of Paige’s murder. He was filmed kissing a man outside a bar. This alludes to conflict because
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