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Scale Essay

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Size does matter.
The Tacoma Narrows bridge was started in September of 1938. Once the deck of the bridge was set, the bridge would move, earning it the name of Galloping Gertie from the construction workers. Four months after it opened in 1940, it collapsed dramatically, as a gale force wind caused the bridge to contort like a bull whip. Leonard Coatsworth, an editor at the Tacoma News Tribune, drove onto the bridge: "I drove on the bridge and started across. In the car with me was my daughter's cocker spaniel, Tubby. The car was loaded with equipment from my beach home at Arletta. "Just as I drove past the towers, the bridge began to sway violently from side to side. Before I realized it, the tilt became so violent that I lost control of the car. . . . I jammed on the brakes and got out, only to be thrown onto my face against the curb." "Around me I could hear concrete cracking. I started back to the car to get the dog, but was thrown before I could reach it. The car itself began to slide from side to side on the roadway. I decided the bridge was breaking up and my only hope was to get back to shore." "On hands and knees most of the time, I crawled 500 yards or more to the towers . . . . My breath was coming in gasps; my knees were raw and bleeding, my hands bruised and swollen from gripping the concrete curb . . . . Toward the last, I risked rising to my feet and running a few yards at a time . . . . Safely back at the toll plaza, I saw the bridge in its final collapse and saw my car plunge into the Narrows." "I saw Clark Eldridge (Toll Bridge Authority engineer), his face white as paper. If I feel badly, I thought, how must he feel?" "With real tragedy, disaster and blasted dreams all around me, I believe that right at this minute what appalls me most is that within a few hours I must tell my daughter that her dog is dead, when I might have saved him." http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/TNBhistory/People/eyewitness.htm#4 Professor F. B. (Bert) Farquharson attempted to...

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