Scaffolding Essay

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Qcf247 Cross reference for qcf 252 Types of ppe and safety/warning notices were used: Hard hat, steel toe cap boots, gloves, hi vis vest,harness, scaff step Crowd barriers, men working overhead signs, scaffold being erected signs Info we received at start of the job: Job pack- this includes method statement, risk assessment, dimensions of the job, location of the job 45ft independent for roofers to felt,batton and tile the front porches on 3 plots at taylor wimpey swaffham Basing out: We spoke to the site agent to confirm location of the job on site, we walked the ground to ensure it was level and compacted type 1 hard crush, the fork lift moved our stillages and bins closer to the job to reduce the manual handling required. We layed sole boards (minimum size 225x38x450mm) along the work surface in pairs at 6ft spacings, we continued this along the whole base of the job we then layed base plate & double at every sole board, at this point my mate layed swivels starting with 2 at the first set of sole boards then missing a set and then laying 2 he continued this along the whole base of the job. He also layed 2 extra swivel every 5th bay for the façade bracing. I then layed 2 extra doubles where the swivels were for the abberdeen transoms, At this point we layed out our ledgers starting with a 21 on the inside and a 16 on the out so that our sleeves were staggered,we then layed 2 more 21,s out then a 3ft butt on the inside and a 8ft on the out side, we put sleeves at the joints, At this point we stood up our inside standards and put onto baseplates they were 16ft tubes at this point we roughly put a double at 2m the labourer passed us the inside ledger, we put into doubles the labourer then took my level and went to the middle of the 21 and leveld my mate into me, at this point the labourer passed me a a 5 ft and a 8 ft , he then held the 5ft
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